Installation Site….Camp Long in West Seattle!

Polly Wog pond (look for salamander egg sacks)

Polly Wog pond (look for salamander egg sacks)


Mater Matrix Mother and Medium  finally has a home (a temporary one) for the installation of this fiber water everyone has been helping me make. Camp Long, a City park with a kind of Secret Garden- meets- 194o’s Boy Scout camp feel, is a pretty wonderful place!   I feel some excited anticipation to site this work in this delightfully quirky place.  I have heard it referred to several times as the “best kept secret”, and come across a lot of Seattleites (even West) who haven’t been to it.  You can camp in a little cabin in the middle of the city (you can even see the City skyline from an amazing lower trail).  At some point this summer it will be my outdoor studio for about a month, and I’m thrilled.  Camp Long has a unique and round-about timely history, which I need to investigate more and post about, but a quick chat with Sheila Brown, the Camp director, revealed that the Camp was built out of a time of economic crisis by the WPA, with much of the Lodge being constructed of salvaged materials, green building before there was Green Building.  More on that, later…

Take a quick trip to Camp Long with your sleeping bag…you can still make it to the office in the morning!

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