It’s the weekend, so that means I’ll be all over the place crocheting! if you can catch up with me this weekend, because I’m not so sure I can.  The River is starting to grow like mushrooms, with piles and piles of blue whirlpools all over my house, some needing a little of this, some needing a little something else.  





But its back out in the world tomorrow with my portable studio, just like last weekend (still need to sort through all my great pictures!).  On Friday, I’ll be visiting the High Point Library, in West Seattle, from 1:45pm until 5:15pm.  Then suddenly, I show up at SAM downtown for their ArtAttack Teen Night Out Party, from 6-9.  The teen I once was is completely jealous of this terrific program planned by SAM’s TAG (Teen Advisory Group, for teens by teens).  I’m quite honored to get asked to go.  I spent some time today with a few members of the group, giving them a demo on crocheting, so they could help me keep up with people who want to join in on the making of this giant project.  I was completely impressed with everyone’s willingness to learn chain, single and double crochet, young men and women.  Last weekend at the Sustainable West Seattle Festival, I had a chat with a few delightful women in their 80’s, who were just agasp and AGAPE that my friend Robert was crocheting.  I




 know they’re from a different generation, but it was nice to see the guys just as game to crochet as the ladies today, without  even any acknowledgment of any kind of gender association with handwork, crafting or whatever you want to call it.   If I’ve learned anything from my association with Ms. Faythe Levine, director of Handmade Nation, its that craft and Doing IT Yourself can be a radical action, a personal stand against mediocrity and force-fed culture.  With all that Revolutionary art in the floors above us, I hope to spread a bit of her message.  After SAM, on Saturday I’ll be heading to Greenwood Library from 10:30-3:30 with some muffins and coffee.  Then for Mother’s Day, I’ll be out at Plant Amnesty’s Festival of Trees at Sandpoint Magnuson Park from 10:30 am – 2 pm.  I hear there will be a parade of people in tree costumes, free trees to plant, the usual festival food goodies and some Mexican cowboys doing some tricks on horses.  I can’t wait, and neither can my big and little boys!  One small bonus of being involved in this whirlpool of a project is finding out about the incredible diversity of community and cultural experienece that Seattle has to offer, and getting to contribute to them in some way!  Join me!

ARTattack: Teen Night Out — American Rebels
Are you ready to be a cultural rebel? We all know the American Revolution didn’t stop in 1776. Give props to your world-changing, revolutionary role models. They could be historical freedom fighters or people in your family or community who give back in a BIG way. Rock a poem, dance, make art or sing your heart out. We want to see your skills! Come make ARTattackyour stage.      

Featuring local talent from: 
SAM’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG)

Jason Webley

The Frontmen

Youth Speaks Seattle Slam finalists

All City Break Dancers/Arts Corps

And more!
Date: 5/8/2009
Time: 6-9 pm
Location: SAM Downtown (near The Hammering Man)

Event details >>

Copyright © 2009 Seattle Art Museum. All Rights Reserved.

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