Four Cultr and SOIL on Monday!!


Knitted Soil

Knitted Soil

Monday is going to be really fun for me, two organizations who have been my bread and butter in one way or another will be hosting me and my crocheting habit this coming Monday!  4Culture has supported me in countless ways, including at my show at the then ‘King County Cultural Arts Authority Gallery’ back in 2003 which really feels like one of my first installations in the vein of what I am doing now.  And since then, I believe 4Culture has been a part of every major show I have had.  I am truly indebted and so am thrilled to come hang out with the people who work so hard to make so much art and culture happen.  Thank you Tina Hoggatt for setting this up!  And anyone else downtown on their lunch break should come on in! Besides, you get to hang out under Leo Berk‘s  lovely “Low Ceiling”.


Leo Berk, "Low Ceiling"

Leo Berk, "Low Ceiling"

 I’ll be there from 11am – 2pm.  Then later on in the day at 5:30 – about 7pm, I’ll be at All City Coffee with several of the members of Soil, thanks to Etsuko Ichikawa for organizing the meet -up just before their monthly meeting.  Come by!

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