This weekend…SCULPTURE PARK!


celebrate those flowers

celebrate those flowers

Back into the sun I go! Hopefully this slight cooling will hold tomorrow as I head to the Olympic Sculpture Park to participate in Seattle Art Museum’s family programs “Celebrate Wildflowers” event. Back in April I took part in “Climate Day for Kids”, had a blast, and I’m sure this event will be just as fun.  Here’s a quick look at all the activity stations for tomorrow:  
Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, King County Noxious Weed Board, Seattle Art Museum, Skokomish Tribe, TASTE Café, University of Washington Botanic Gardens Education, Washington Native Plant Society, Washington Rare Plant Care and Conservation.


Please come join me!  And also, a huge thank you to writer/artist/curator Sharon Arnold for her continued enthusiasm for MMMM (and help crocheting AND yarn donations AND cheering me on in this last leg of this art marathon!)  

Thanks Sharon!

Thanks Sharon!

She has been posting about the project, including tomorrow, at her blog “Dimensions are Variable”.  Check it out and her posts about art – writing, making, viewing and loving.




SUNDAY!  I’ll be back at the Sculpture Park on my own, inviting you to join me in a little handwork, amazing views and hopefully cool and sunny weather.  I’ll be in the Cafe if another windstorm blows through.  10 am – 2pm.

MONDAY!!  You can catch up with me on Monday, of all days!  During lunch 11 am – 2 pm, I’ll be back under Leo Berk’s conference room cloud in the 4Culture conference room.  All my blue looked so good under his blue, and I forgot my camera last time, so Tina Hoggatt made it happen for me again!  If you work downtown, hope you can stop by, bring your lunch!

Leo Berk, "Low Ceiling"

Leo Berk, "Low Ceiling"

1 thought on “This weekend…SCULPTURE PARK!

  1. Blue on blue!

    Mandy, I can’t imagine anyone *wouldn’t* be excited about this project. Here’s to an upcoming weekend of excited crochet-ing hordes!

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