THIS is really the last one, really! SAM FAMILY DAY

SAM FAmily Day picture

I thought last Friday at the AFTA convention was the last crochet event for MMMM, but I was wrong.  One last time!  This time at the Seattle Art Museum Family Day.  SAM Family Programs have been a huge supporter of my project from hosting me at their Teen Art Attack evening to twice hosting me at family programs out at the Olympic Sculpture Park.  I am so glad to go to this final event with them.  The two programs out at the Sculpture Park were particularly wonderful, as I got to work, share my project, as well as spend time with my own child who often gets the shaft when I get so busy on large projects.



  If you have kids or know someone that does, bring them to SAM, the line-up looks to be really fun.  Temporary Tatoos  with Gretchen Bennett!!  My son also attends the Circus School that will be performing and they pretty much always rock!


SAM Family Programs: Don’t Miss the Summer Fun!
Presented by TARGET
Saturday, June 27, 10 am–3 pm
SAM Downtown

Make your move through outrageous obstacle courses designed for making art in new ways, like the artists in
Target Practice: Painting Under Attack 1949–78. Create collages, recycled art, stencils and see-through paintings. Design temporary tattoos with Joshua Lindenmayer and Gretchen Bennett. Crochet with Mandy Greer. See live painting demos with ArtWorks and Pratt Fine Arts Center.

* Madcap toymaker Rick Hartman
* Hilarious Zambini Bros. puppet show
* Electrifying tapdancing by Northwest Tap Connection
* Feats by the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts
* Plus facepainting, storytelling and more!

Community Partnerships: Visit the Barnes & Noble Pacific Place store June 26–28 and a portion of your purchases will benefit SAM.

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