We all make art

I found this environmental fiber/community fiber-based art practice by Iranian artist Atefeh Khas on another friend’s website (another amazing environmental/fiber/community-based writer artist, Abigail Doan).  I came across these images just as I was beginning to work my river into the trees, and just as all the storm of the Iranian election was beginning.  I, of course, feel a great deal of kinship to the work I am seeing on Atefeh’s website, and am reminded of the freedoms I have to do and share what I love.  I am also reminded by her work of how patterns, materials, impulses and desires for beauty, kinship and meaning span all cultures, and art can shorten the distances between us.   













One thought on “We all make art

  1. Dear Mandy Greer
    I am Atefeh Khas from Iran.I found your site suddenly and I am so exicted about seeing our works (My friend-Tara_and I ) here.Thank you so much for paying attention to us.I hope we can continue our friendship and I will follow your works.

    With best


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