First day of taking the river down

with my friend Inna…

She took the scissors to the first tie, cut it open and a spider the size of a silver dollar crawled out!  When I flicked it onto the ground, it sounded like a marble.  No other creature encounters…but, my how much faster it is to take down them put up.  We carefully rolled it into long cigars and began packing them into bike boxes (so I can take them on the air plane to Atlanta…..the river is heading to Agnes Scott College on Sept. 30th, 2009 through November!)cutting down the river


The River stays up until Aug. 23rd for the Arts-in-Nature Festival!!

The Nature Consortium … teaching environmental lessons through the creative arts and hands-on conservation projects –

Trying to tie up some loose end in the private life…I have neglected wrapping up on the blog about the performance , the response to the performance, and what will happen in the future with MMMM.  First, it’s run has been extended!  If you have been to Camp Long since July 31st, you will see that it is still up!  I check on it often and make little repairs, and still continue to speak with people about it while I am there.  And tell everyone that it will stay up for the incredible Arts-in-Nature Festival on Aug. 22 – 23rd, 11-9 and 11-6.  I will be doing some sort of crocheting workshop on those days, but don’t have the details yet…I adore Camp Long, every inch of it, and am so excited to see the place transformed into one big art party!  Every cabin filled with sound installations and tons of other stuff!!  Come say farewell to the river!

I’ve got some deadlines over the weekend , and then will get back to my loose ends with this blog…getting pictures up of the performance!