“Saltus Chori Aevum” Performance images, May 5 and 6th, 2012

The MMMM project was lucky enough to get to work with filmmaker and photographer Rodrigo Valenzuela this spring on “Saltus Chori Aevum”.  He not only captured some incredible images of the 2-night public art performance, but also worked with all of us developing imagery for an upcoming short film inspired by the performance but vearing into wider territory (squishing blueberries in the hands of 3 other women in the waters of the Puget Sound was never so lovely…you’ll see).  The film will screen in the near future, but in the mean time, take in these photos of the performance.  Though the project didn’t seem to make it on the radar of the local press, we got a solid mention on Arts America blog, but more importantly were words from those ordinary friends and strangers who wandered out and into the waters with us.  This was a favorite message of mine:

I just wanted to thank you for that performance on Sunday. We were all entranced– I saw I. tear up at one point, and of course I did too. There was just such a feeling of connectedness to something deeply human, our trait of perseverance, maybe, or to our making/working/laboring inside and outside of culture and history. And it was also just beautiful and austere and visually fascinating. I went home and had a very peaceful night of deep sleep and heavy, slow dreams. So glad I got to go.

These are just a few of Rodrigo’s images….with more to come.

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