Thanks for contributing!

So so so many wonderful people have helped make MMMM possible!  I have tried my best to collect everyone’s name but I know I have missed some people.  If you joined in and don’t see your name, please shoot me an email, I totally don’t mind and would really appreciate it!

  • Paul and Hazel Margolis, of course
  • Keely Isaak Meehan
  • Ann Maki
  • Everyone at the Museum of Contemporary Craft crochet-a-thon (my apologies for not taking down names)
  • Namita Gupta Wiggers
  • Rebecca Burrel
  • Kat Perez
  • Jan Frost
  • Virginia Fizgerald
  • Carol Young
  • Shelly Yully
  • Wyly Astley
  • Everyone who stopped by at the Greenwood/Phinney giant block party
  • Cindy Montey
  • Barbara Reed
  • Katrina, Justin and Lillian Seckel
  • Joyce and Anya Campbell
  • Cameron Anne Mason
  • Robert Andrew Shavin, again and again!
  • Georgene at Douglass-Truth Library
  • Taylor Collins
  • Remy, Simon and Nicole Durbin
  • the Only Claire
  • Meredith Harding
  • Margo Thienemann
  • Nancy Rice
  • Deborah Nimmons
  • Everyone who stopped by at Climate Day for Kids!
  • Tenny Mallory-Canning
  • Nicole and Jamie
  • Serafina Smith
  • Summer Tucker
  • Robin McDougall
  • Mariko
  • Aviva
  • Betsy Hoffmeister
  • Tasha Mosher
  • Brenda and Ashley Verduzco
  • Jamika Harwood
  • Keronle’ Brown
  • May Una
  • Jenny
  • Deb Trost
  • Mary Romer
  • Chandra and Taliyah Johnson
  • Candice Bledsoe
  • Patti Fiorito
  • Erika Metz and Emma Metz
  • and thanks to all who stopped by at Sustainable West Seattle Festival!
  • Fraznat
  • Kim Crayton
  • Pay Oh
  • Mia Gardner
  • Megan Hamilton
  • Kathleen Baginski
  • Elizabeth Clark
  • Lisa Keller
  • Cindy Koza
  • Yden
  • Francesca Annis
  • Vivian Lappen Busch
  • Nicole Thomas
  • Maggie Melvin
  • Kim Holland
  • Holly Fox
  • Jeni Falldine
  • Carie Cook
  • Polly Purvis
  • Stacy Schulze
  • Rachel Shimp
  • Sharon Arnold
  • Jeanette Corksey
  • Jan Gallagher
  • Ari Rinzler
  • Sara Edwards
  • Jacqueline Barnett
  • Claire Barnett
  • Willow Fox
  • Irene Gomez
  • Deborah Paine
  • Bob from Ballard
  • Ruby and Elliot Armitage
  • Cindy Larison
  • Sue Loebach
  • Fatuma Yusuf
  • Khadra Mohamed
  • Tina Hoggatt
  • Patricia Hopper
  • Ruri Yampolski
  • Mar Goman
  • All the members of SAM’s Teen Advisory Group!
  • Soil members!
  • Saya Moriyasu
  • Margie Livingston
  • Renee Rhodes
  • Tiffany Johnson
  • Amalia Icrevertzi
  • Jenny Zwick
  • Etsuko Ichikawa
  • Karin Skacel-Haack
  • Girls Scouts Service Unit 550

3 thoughts on “Thanks for contributing!

  1. Mandy – it was such a pleasure to meet you at your crochet-a-tron at the museum of Cont. Craft this past Saturday. I have been a bit of a crochet fiend since then. I hope to have a crochet party here in the Boston area and send you some materials. My email is if there is a certain date that you need the pieces by :).

    I love your work. I have written about it on my blog 🙂 I can’t wait to see more!!!peace, Virginia Fitzgerald

  2. Mandy,

    You have been such an inspiration to me. You taught me to crochet. I have been a knit snob for many years, but you helped me break through that barrier with a single thrust of a sparkly, plastic crochet hook. Thank you! I’m starting on a series of knit/crochet vessels using hand-spun yarn. A great summer project.

    I’ll be there on the 16th to witness the installation of the river.

    And I’m already collecting yarn…


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