How you can join in!

Originally MMMM was created over the spring and summer of 2009, through an ever-changing series of community events around Seattle, ultimately adding up to more than 30 crochet sessions around the city.  This page was originally created to facilitate participation in those events, as they evolved.

Now that MMMM is an on-going project, moving to various communities around the country, the crochet events happen in and around when it is installed.  If you want to keep track of when the project is installed and when you can crochet for the installation, follow MMMM on Twitter   

I keep this original text from 2009 up on the site as an archive of how the project was created!

To find out where you can join in the making of Mater Matrix Mother and Medium, click below on ‘Crocheting Events’, and please check back often as I will always be adding more.  All during April till mid- June, 2009,  I should have a crocheting event about once a week somewhere in Seattle, usually at a public library.


Hosting your own community event —

If you have any ideas about hosting a crochet event, please email me and let’s make something happen.  It can be at a coffee shop in your neighborhood, a park or with a community group you belong to.  Do you belong to a crafting circle?  Let’s take it public and teach others.  I’d like to work with as many people as I can all over Seattle (all ages too), so if you have an idea, let’s work it out!

Contribute fabric or yarn —

I am also collecting contributions of used blue fabric or yarn, as well as white fabric that I will dye with natural indigo.  I would particularly love to work with fabrics that are past their reuse value (those old t-shirts you can’t get rid of, give them a new life).  Please email me if you’d like me to come pick something up.  Or just bring it to one of the events I’m hosting.  As an artist, one of the things I do that brings me the most pleasure is transforming the discarded into something fantastic, especially the challenge of things like old towels and t-shirts.  On some level, this is at the heart of much that I do as an artist, trying to make a connection between the ordinary and the sublime, the process of transformation from one to the other.

dyeing fabric

Thank you, and please keep checking back for more events.  Bring your friends, tell your neighbors.  Slow down and make something with your hands, and talk with the  people in your community and cityraw-materials.  I hope to meet up with you somewhere in Seattle this spring and summer!


6 thoughts on “How you can join in!

    • Me too!! Also later that day some Soil members are hosting me at All City Coffee, 5:30 – 7pm (all are welcome!). It’s a TK kind of day! See you in Mon. Tina!

    • Hi Cathy
      The best thing to do would be to try to make it to an event this week, or stop by Camp Long during my residency there, June 15th – July 9th, Tues and Thursdays from 11 – 2. The events this week are really the last ones, except for a family day at SAM on June 27th and potentially one more after that. i don’t have all the detail for SAM yet but will post about it when I do. Hope to see you

  1. I can’t believe I missed you at Camp Long! It’s 4:30 on June 9. I picked up one of your cards at the July First Thursday Art Walk, so just found out about your project. We have a project in the Delridge Neighborhood. During August there will be a Mobile Market several days per week. Is there any chance you could help us do an event to publicize this? We LOVE your work and are very enthusiastic!!! We also welcome ideas & suggestions.


  2. my mom is doing the something simular. soon we will have a nwe website, you can google runaway moon theatre and maybe participate in some of the projects.

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